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What is Ayurvedic Neurotherapy?

Nadi Mardan Kriya, or Ayurvedic Neurotherapy, is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on Vedic principles and philosophy used by many Neurotherapy hospital in Udaipur. Nerves, muscles, joints, and blood and lymphatic pathways are all addressed in this natural healing technique. According to experts in the subject, the body is coordinated by three humours or energy forces known as Vata (air), Pitta (bile), and Kapha (water). Neurotherapy aids in the restoration and balancing of the body’s energy forces, which control physiological balance and allow the body, mind, and spirit to work more effectively.

Ayurveda deals with practically every aspect of medicine. One of them is ‘Nadi Vigyan’ (nervous system knowledge), which invented Neurotherapy thousands of years ago. Ayurvedic medicine has long employed Neurotherapy as a rehabilitative treatment under many titles. In India, some of the traditional names for ayurvedic Neurotherapy include ‘Ladara’ in the north and ‘Kerali Massage’ in the south. However, it is widely spreading in India because of its benefits and long-term success, one of which is Shri Venkatesh Naturopathy Hospitals – providing complete ayurvedic treatment in Udaipur with sure shot results.

How Ayurvedic Neurotherapy Works?

Naturopathy Treatment in Udaipur

Ayurvedic Neurotherapy is a full-fledged healing approach that includes mechanical, psychological, bio-force, and pharmacological elements. It identifies the disease’s core cause and treats it in a holistic approach. The dysfunction of the body’s organs generates an imbalance in biochemical forces, which leads to disease development. The therapist at the best ayurvedic hospital in Udaipur – Shri Venkatesh, activates or deactivates the organ(s) by applying pressure or massage to the nerve channels to stimulate or depress the blood, other body fluids, and nerve currents, so assisting the body in regaining its balance and harmony.

Applying Therapeutic Methods

The methods applied at Shri Venkatesh naturopathy center in Udaipur are done keeping in mind the patient’s condition. Pressure and massage are delivered to various parts of the body, primarily through the feet and occasionally with the hands, unlike most other body-work therapies. The patient is seated in one of two chairs, one on each side. The therapist rests his or her weight on the chair and exerts pressure on the patient’s body by standing on the patient’s body while carefully controlling both weight and pressure. The pressure supplied to the connecting nerve channels, on the other hand, is adjusted according to the patient’s age, gender, and tolerance. Massage (massage is performed in the same way as pressure) is another technique employed in ayurvedic treatment in Udaipur, which results in the influx of blood supply to the organs while stretching the tissues, muscles, and nerves.

What Happens During The Treatment?

The patient’s complete medical history is taken during the initial appointment. If necessary, the patient is asked a series of further questions. Examining the eyes, the colour of the tongue, the nails, and the skin, among other things, is part of visual analysis.

Following the completion of the verbal and visual analyses, the further examination at Shri Venkatesh Neurotherapy hospital in Udaipur includes abdominal palpation, which involves assessing the painful points. The therapist identifies the dysfunction of any organ by focusing on these vulnerable places (s).

Based on these findings, a final image of the patient’s condition in connection to the three biochemical forces of Alkaline, Acid, and Gas is created. Dis-alignment of the spinal vertebrae and muscle skeleton system are also taken into account, as well as the patient’s eating habits and lifestyle. The therapist determines the quantity of treatment needed to be based on the whole history and examination.

What Are The Different Applications?

Ayurvedic Neurotherapy, an integrated healing approach, has made a significant contribution to alternative medicine. At Shri Venkatesh nature cure center in Udaipur, It is used as a treatment for both chronic and acute illnesses.

It is not limited to a single failing system or disease, but rather encompasses the entire body. From the common cold to heart illness, arthritis to multiple sclerosis, Ayurvedic Neurotherapy aids in the healing and treatment of ailments ranging from fever to cancer. It does not, however, address surgical concerns (e.g. hernia)

Benefits of Ayurvedic Neurotherapy Treatment

Benefits of Ayurvedic Neurotherapy Treatment

Ayurvedic/panchakarma treatment in Udaipur has many benefits with holistic healing and long-term success. It is nowadays preferred as the best option for the treatment of various neurological disorders with fool-proof results in a short span of time.

  • Treatment should be based on scientific principles and a holistic approach.
  • Assist the body (mind-body-spirit) in regaining its natural balance, allowing it to heal itself.
  • Treat the entire human system, not just the visible ailment.
  • There are no negative effects from this treatment.
  • Some problems can be treated right away, while others may take a longer time to recover.
  • Advocates for a natural way of life as the best way to live.

The Final Words

So, now that you have known what is Ayurveda Neurotherapy and what are its benefits in long term. You must know someone who wants to get treated naturally. Then Shri Venkatesh, Neurotherapy hospital in Udaipur can be the best option. A complete center for neurological disorders, treating patients for years with all-around success and 100% holistic healing.

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